Thursday, April 28, 2011

episode 18 - easter egg hunt #1

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welcome back ya'll - the weather continues to warm here in new england and it is easter season - which brings us to our very first phish easter egg hunt. in the tech industry, an "easter egg" is a hidden message or feature embedded in an app or program. well just like the programmers at google, phish has been hiding easter eggs inside of tunes for their phans to discover since their very beginnings. this week we bring you our very first easter egg hunt by providing a few of the great jams within jams. a few of these selections have more than one tease that we could find (and we are sure that you will find even more!) so sit back, crank up the volume and see what you unearth inside each of these tunes. we hope to make this a regular feature of rebadipaldle (as there are plenty more cadbury jams out there to be dissected.) use the comments section on the blog or on facebook to let us know what you find!

if you know someone who you think might like to share in the groove - be sure to share the podcast with them.


  1. dohhhhhhh - we left out the tease from chalk dust (it was in 3 parts) here it is for your listening pleasure...

    sorry about that but it's not the first screw up i've made and it won't be the last. ;)

  2. no biggie C-Lew. I'm looking forward to the corrections episode!!! We gotta come up with a theme for next week. I don't think we're getting any refunds from podbean. Oh well. We'll keep it like clockword from this point forward, get your RDAL like your paycheck, bi-monthly!!