Sunday, May 29, 2011

episode 19- saratoga on my mind

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Happy summer tour to all you folks! And although SPAC was left off the list because of their scrutiny over the party scene (listen to the Makisupa from 6/20/2010), I wanted to revisit the many trips I've made out to Saratoga to see phish and more importantly, my family in the area. It's not been easy times for them lately, and I want to make sure they know how much I've been thinking about them and sending all the hope out I can. Patrick, Michelle and Brian we love you all in so many ways. I'm forever grateful and thankful that our lives have crossed paths time and time again.

On weekends when phish was in town, their house served as a home base to many, and they are always the most gracious hosts!

One of my favorite stories about this dear friend involved him riding his motorcycle past all the traffic into Woodstock. Rest assured, I'm fortunate for all the time we've shared. I look forward to seeing you soon. You all have my greatest appreciation, love and hope. We're here for you when you need us.

Look for us on facebook peeps! One love.

3:16 if i could (7/10/94 Saratoga, NY)
58:38-->gotta jiboo (6/19/2004 Saratoga, NY)
80:44 -->swept away (6/20/2010 Saratoga, NY)


  1. got to say I am a big of the photo associated with the saratoga show even if wading gave me a code red flashback that landed me in the hospital for 72 hours...I busted out of a 3rd story window in downtown bridgeport and feel better now but suffice it to say that flashback involved being tipped over in a port o john by some revelers on pcp after my own imbibing of 4 of the heavier supersonic astronaut stamps while gigging out to harry nilson on my ipod. some like the hospital and you may ask why I busted out? I busted out b/c I heard one of the holy patriarch's of this site has been seriously cheating on phish with his hero worship of the fake jerry from dso and his new alingment with furthur. I am spooked by the whole thing and sometimes wish donna godchaux never got in that motorcyle wreck. didnt she learn from duane allman? peace page mcconnell is still my favorite will always be drugs bad mcconnell good

  2. Rest well Uncle Pat you are grately missed. ~matt