Saturday, June 25, 2011

episode 20- good signs, bad signs

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With the first leg of Summer 2011 now just behind us, it was clear that one of the problems was people having trouble seeing clearly at the start of sets and between songs. A special thanks to all of you holding signs. 'Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.' If you don't know what we're talking about, please check out this vid.

Clew and I wanted to put together a quick best of leg I. Here' you'll find some fun playing and some technical, heady jams. All in all, we were impressed. They've reinvented their sound again, and we like it. We hope you do as well. Please leave us a comment to let us know what you think and check us out over on facebook. If this is what we've got so far in 2011, we're confident that the Super Ball and leg 2 will be that much more! Happy listening!!!

17:00 dinner & a movie (alpharetta, ga 6/14/2011)
20:38 gotta jiboo (cincinatti, oh 6/5/2011)
46:07 the moma dance (mansfield, ma 6/7/2011)
66:54 harry hood (bethel, ny 5/28/2011)
79:22 light up or leave me alone (alpharetta, ga 6/14/2011)


  1. nice job with the mixdown @jfarns! best audio quality yet. here is the mike interview referenced:

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  3. if you listen closely to the light up, trey's teasing living after midnight here as well. what i'm learning from hearing this audio after not hearing it for a couple months is that the audio for every show is so different. i think i used the same volume level, but it doesn't sound that way. still learning.
    just went through and posted the times for this show. 22 tuesday, high risk, high reward.