Saturday, March 24, 2012

episode 23- like mike

Welcome back!!  Sorry we've been out of commission and inconsistent.  I think we've now settled on the idea that we'll try to push one out ever month.  It seems more realistic anyhow!!  It's not easy trying to listen and then pull everything you've heard together.

We have heard some very good things lately, and as it's episode #23, we wanted to focus on the best of Mike.  A healthy balance of jams and straight forward bluegrass, all starting with one of the first awe-inspiring "Mike's-->Groove."  It's direct and incedibly tight!  I also took it upon myself to throw in the YEM at the end of this episode, and I want to encourage you to listen through the vocal jam, as it's very well done.

Please let us know your thoughts and what you might like to hear in the future.  Hope to get back to you in mid-April.  Until then, enjoy the mild end to winter and March...out like a lamb. Subscribe to our feed on itunes and facebook us!!
3:18  mike's song  11/28/92 Portchester, NY
12:39  i am hydrogen  11/28/92 Portchester, NY
16:33  weekapaug groove  11/28/92 Portchester, NY
21:59  ginseng sullivan 8/28/93  Berkeley, CA
24:59  emotional rescue 11/21/97 Hampton, VA
41:54  uncle pen  4/18/90  Denver, CO
46:07  rock 'n roll-->  8/5/2011  George, WA
66:22  meatstick--> 8/5/2011  George, WA
75:02  boogie on reggae woman  8/5/2011  George, WA
83:32 you enjoy myself  12/8/99  Portland, ME

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  1. AnonymousJuly 19, 2012

    How is it possible that this list was compiled without the inclusion of anything from the epic April 1992 California run, notably the Anaconda Theater show with its now infamous SBD bass mix?

    Robbie Punjabi